1) Meet the experts

Meet role models and be inspired by their stories and entrepreneurial experiences.

2) Get unplugged and inspired

Feel the motivation boost to Invest, Instill, Illuminate the Ignited spark after the Opening Ceremony.

3) Show your Corporate skills

Become a Team-player; Learn to think Critically; Come up with unique strategies & ideas to show your creativity in execution.

4) Networking opportunities:

Get to know the current networking trends and enhance your skills beneficial for your business. Socialize and make ways for further opportunities.

5) Learning New Strategies

Application of innovative ideas to plan & run a business; Every penny counts, use it wisely during auction; Design and advertise your product in a unique style.

6) Takeaways and generous gifts

Not just awards & certificates, gift vouchers and souvenirs; Real takeaway is the knowledge, motivation and the skill to think critically and creatively.

7) Like minded individuals

See the world in various perspectives; Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desires, and ambition; and realise your own.

8) A platform for your imagination

An opportunity to think, create and execute your ideas by putting all of this into one business.

9) Break out of your comfort zone

Lead, learn and Light the Way; Interact, explore new horizons, make good decisions; get ready for the competitive corporate world!


All you party lovers out there! Be ready, because we treat you with an awesome social party with music, dance, lights, and most scrumptious food, all under one roof (included in the delegate fee)