What is Ignite?

If you’ve ever dreamt of growing up and running your own business but can't find the platform to start polishing your skills putting your plans into action, then Ignite is your golden egg. Test your business skills at the most exciting entrepreneurial summit of the year.

We have put together a series of rounds for you to challenge yourself in the business world. Learn to Invest. Learn to Instill. Learn to Illuminate.


Ignite Executive Council

We proudly introduce to you the Ignite Executive Council 2022. We are a team of young prodigies. We celebrate diversity and the need to breed creativity through this entreprenuership summit which you may agree is the key to success in the business world. One of the core value we strongly believe in is team work because when there's teamwork there's success and Ignite is all about success. The Executive council consists of twenty six talented and dedicated individuals heading eight departments.

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